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Welcome to seanbean_claims, a place where you can claim your favourite bit of the Bean!

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We are your friendly neighbourhood co-mods, kira_may, jack4will & sammy_stevenson

Claims will be divided into nine categories:

1) Sean Bean characters
2) Character quotes
3) Scenes
4) Physical bits of Bean
5) Items
6) Pictures of Bean (please place in memories entry)
7) Bean pairings
8) Songs
9) *Dialogue* this one is new!!
-if you can think of any other areas that would be good for claims, pass them along!

As it stands now, there will be a limit of three claims per item, except for the mods, who have unlimited claiming power (mwuuahahahahahahahahahaha). However, the mod's claims will not count towards the three claim limit. No fighting!

The Rules!
Not too many, but a few of the regular and obvious ones:
1) NO FLAMING! If you do, you will be warned once, and then banned.
2) If you want to post pics with your claims - by all means, share the love! But please place images behind the cut, and please place warnings if images are not work safe!
4) Please take up any problems you have with other members with me - again with the no flaming.

Um, can't think of any other rules at the moment. I'm sure more will come to me.

Other odds and ends
If you want to create banners of your claims and post them in you user info page, feel free to do so. I could also attempt to make one for you, but only if you promise not to laugh at my amateur skills. Really. I can barely cut and paste.

Be as pervy as you want in any comments you make, I say! Perving is fun. Perving is good. If you don't like perving, you shouldn't be here.

And as my sister's volleyball team used to chant before their games: "1-2-3-Have Fun!" (seriously. That was their chant. How lame is that?)

At some point, I will find a place on here to keep track of all of the claims.

Now get claiming!!!


Boromir - jack4will, mrsbean bubonicwoodchuk, phantompanther
Richard Sharpe -sammy_stevenson, sambora, bean4me, cynegyth
Odysseus - kira_may, sammy_stevenson, galor5, cynegyth, amnoturmonkey, odeliciousseus
Ian Howe - phantompanther, he11onearth, thesorrowofleon
006/Alec Treveylan - kira_may,sammy_stevenson, cynegyth, ranger_girl0301, slaygirl
Oliver Mellors - sambora, odeliciousseus, hils
Cowboy - amnoturmonkey, vampsass, drbillbongo
Sean Miller - ranger_girl0301, lilmellie, sarumanssister, kittycatness
Patrick Koster - kira_may, bellemelange, bunnysummers, kittycatness
Merrick (from The Island) - thesorrowofleon, kittycatness, annebloom188


Farmer Grey (from Black Beauty) - kittycatness, cynegyth
Macbeth - whitewizzy, odeliciousseus
Neil Byrne - bean4me
Robert Aske - kira_may,bean4me, sammy_stevenson
Jimmy Muir - myth_adventure
Alex Bailey - amnoturmonkey
Rannuccio - amnoturmonkey
Carver Doone - amnoturmonkey
The Prince from One True Bride - hils
Paul Shepard from Tom and Thomas - bean4me
Errol Partridge: annebloom188


"But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly, for you tread on my dreams." from Equilibrium - gnomentum, sambora, odeliciousseus

"Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity and so we ask ourselves, will our actions echo across the century,will strangers hear our names long after we are gone and wonder who we were, how bravely we fought, how fiercely we loved?" from Troy - sambora, bean4me, odeliciousseus
"They have a cave troll." FOTR - kira_may, jack4will, hils, vampsass, goldarrow


"What is this new devilry?" FOTR - kittycatness
"You know, James... I was always better." Alec Trevelyan in Goldeneye - jack4will, drbillbongo
"James and I shared everything, absolutely everything." Alec Trevalyan - mrsbean
"Lovers keep secrets from each other, yet they still make love" Sharpe's Rifles - sambora
"Tastes Like Strawberries" Alec Trevalyan - kira_may, ladykatiewench
"For Gondor" Boromir in The Two Towers - hils, drbillbongo
"In my hands a sword isn't pretty. It kills." from Sharpe's Justice - nathilie
"I would have followed you, My Brother, My Captain, My King." FOTR - galor5
"You speak a word and you're dead, Harper." Sharpe - ranger_girl0301
"They're flogged soldiers, sir. And flogging teaches a soldier only one lesson. How to turn his back." Sharpe ranger_girl0301
"You know who I am. My name is Sharpe." Sharpe - ranger_girl0301, vampsass
"C'mere lass." from The Vicar of Dibley - bean4me, vampsass
"Remember today, little brother. Today, life is good." Boromir - sammy_stevenson
"Bring out the ale! These men are thirsty!" Boromir - sammy_stevenson
"Gondor has no king. Gondor needs no king." Boromir - myth_adventure
"You know, I did think about asking you to join me. But 007 is always loyal to the mission...never to his best friend." 006 - thesorrowofleon
"Of course, lurve" - odeliciousseus
"For England, James?" 006 - hils
"Why can't you be a good boy, James, and die?" 006 - cynegyth, jack4will, drbillbongo
"Trust? What a quaint idea" 006 - jack4will
"It is not an insult to say a dead man is dead." Odysseus - jack4will, hils
"War is young men dying and old men talking. You know this. Ignore the politics." Odysseus - jack4will
"I might as well ask if all those vodka martinis silence the screams of all the men you've killed... or if you've found forgiveness in the arms of all those willing women for the dead ones you failed to protect?" 006 - jack4will, kira_may, kittycatness
"Oh, please, James, put it away. It's insulting to think I haven't anticipated your every move." 006 - jack4will, kira_may
"Hello, James, what an unpleasant surprise." 006 - jack4will, drbillbongo
"A heavy cost. I pay it gladly." Pertridge from Equilibrium - jack4will
"You always knew." [begins to read from Yeats] "But I, being poor, have only my dreams. I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." I assume you dream, Preston." Patridge - jack4will, odeliciousseus, drbillbongo
"When I get back, I want you in my bed." Richard Sharpe, Sharpe's Sword - vampsass, kittycatness
"We play with the toys the gods give us." Odysseus, Troy - aqua_cat
"Still sharp" - Boromir, FOTR - kittycatness
"It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing. Such a little thing." Boromir, FOTR -
"This place is called Talavera. There's going to be a battle here tomorrow. You'll fight in it... maybe even die in it. But you won't see it." Richard Sharpe, Sharpe's Eagle - kittycatness
If you'll let me know when you want it." Mellors, LCL - ana_rosa
"I'll ram his poxed crown up his royal poxed arse! The blue blooded twat" Richard Sharpe, Sharpe's Waterloo - miss_somersault


Door Kicking scene from Sharpe's Revenge - kira_may, sammy_stevenson, hils, cynegyth, odeliciousseus
Tree shagging scene from Lady Chatterly - kira_may, odeliciousseus, bunnysummers, vampsass
Two-fingered salute to Prince Willy in Sharpe's Waterloo - ladykatiewench, goldarrow


The strawberry scene from Goldeneye - kira_may, kittycatness
The poetry reading scene from Equilibrium - gnomentum
The Lothlorien talk between Boromir and Aragorn - galor5
Boromir's death scene - galor5
When Boromir is thrown agains the wall by the cave troll in FOTR, and shakes his head after. - phantompanther
Shaving scene from Extremely Dangerous - bean4me
From ROTK EE, When Boromir appears behind Faramir - myth_adventure
When Sharpe sticks up his fingers at Prince Willy, but the canon drowns out what he is saying - hils
The bathing scene from Stormy Monday - hils
Scene in Goldeneye where Alec steps on James's hand and kicks him down the antenna - drbillbongo
Scene in Anna Karenina where Vronsky rips his shirt open - vampsass
Scene from Don't Say A Word where he is on the phone to Michael Douglas arranging to trade his daughter for Brittany Murphy - kittycatness
The scene in Sharpe's Eagle where he is talking to the South Essex - miss_somersault


Sean Bean's smile - kira_may, galor5, ladykatiewench, amnoturmonkey
Sean Bean's eyes - kira_may, bubonicwoodchuk, flybaby014563, cynegyth
Sean Bean's cock - szhartuk, lilmellie, odeliciousseus
Sean Bean's hands - whitewizzy, amnoturmonkey,odeliciousseus
Sean Bean's voice - kira_may, phantompanther, drbillbongo, sb_chick
Sean Bean's accent - galor5, lilmellie, drbillbongo
Sean Bean's tongue - kira_may, sambora, ladykatiewench, kittycatness


Bean's butt from Lady Chatterly - fanabana
'Rear of the Year' - sammy_stevenson
Sean Bean's lips - kira_may, he11onearth, kittycatness
Sean Bean's feet - kittycatness
Half-Hidden by hand grin as Odysseus - ladykatiewench
Sean Bean's ass - szhartuk, flybaby014563
Sean Bean's neck - mrsbean, bean4me
The way he licks his lips - whitewizzy, vampsass
blades tattoo -whitewizzy
Richard Sharpe's Hair - nathilie, goldarrow
Odysseus's thighs - galor5
Sean's back and shoulders from Extremely Dangerous - bean4me
Sean Bean's scars - bean4me
Sean Bean's gift for accents - bean4me
Sean Bean's nickname 'Beanie' - galor5, cynegyth
From Lady Chatterly, the look on Mellors' face when he hands the chicks to Lady Chatterly and then looks at her - gnomentum
Sean Bean's belly button - galor5
Sean Bean's heart - galor5, sb_chick
The way he says 'roogbytackle' - galor5
The look Sean Miller gives his little brother before their attack in Patriot Games - sarumanssister
Sean Bean's fear of flying - kira_may, cynegyth
Sean Bean's Laughter - whitewizzy, sb_chick
The eyebrow scar Harrison Ford gave him - ranger_girl0301, amnoturmonkey
The friendship/love between Sharpe and Harper - ranger_girl0301
Neil Byrne's long hair - amnoturmonkey
Sean Bean's arms - odeliciousseus
Boromir's laugh - bean4me
Richard Sharpe's hips - cheryljluv
Boromir's loyalty - cheryljluv
Alec Trevelyan's arrogance - cheryljluv
Sean Bean's Ears - hils
Cowboy's Blue Eyes - vampsass
Sean Bean's eyelashes - aqua_cat
Sean Bean's left wrist - kittycatness
The way he rides a horse - kittycatness
Richard Sharpe's sideburns - sharpe4ever
Sean Bean's stubble - ana_rosa


Horn of Gondor - hils, bubonicwoodchuk, phantompanther
Richard Sharpe's green jacket - sambora,gnomentum, ranger_girl0301


Bean's delectable jackets - jack4will
Odysseus's skirt - sammy_stevenson
Sharpe's Rifle - sammy_stevenson, qween_tartii
Sharpe's full uniform - cynegyth
Jimmy Muir's Jersey - myth_adventure
Sean's blue sweater -whitewizzy
Flag of Gondor - hils
Richard Sharpe's Sword - nathilie
Brendan's boxer shorts from Stormy Monday - myth_adventure
Partridge's Poetry Book from Equilibrium - myth_adventure
Boromir's Shield - galor5
From The Fifteen Streets, Dominic's toe nail clipping scissors - myth_adventure
From Patriot Games, Sean Miller's police photo - myth_adventure
Richard Sharpe's libido - ranger_girl0301
Boromir's clothes - phantompanther
Cowboy's hat - sarumanssister
The sword Morris gave Sharpe - ranger_girl0301
Patrick Koster's black sweater and black leather jacket - kira_may, odeliciousseus
Boromir's sword - amnoturmonkey
Odysseus's helmut - amnoturmonkey
Richard Sharpe's boots - amnoturmonkey
Minas Tirith Banner - amnoturmonkey
Boromir's Gondorian Armour - amnoturmonkey
Phone from Don't Say A Word - odeliciousseus
Vronsky's ripped shirt - vampsass
Farmer Grey's hat - kittycatness
The Jason Locke Shirt- sharpe4ever
The Blue Striped, throw me down and shag me senseless big boy blue striped shirt from The Island premiere - sharpe4ever
The vase of flowers from the Paris hotel room from A Woman's Guide to Adultery - ana_rosa
Dr. Merrick's Glasses - merrick_product
The little bug thingies Merrick uses to gather info from Ewan - merrick_product


Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen - jack4will, galor5, cynegyth, hils
Boromir and Aragorn - phantompanther, hils, sambora


Ian/Shaw/Ben from National Treasure - phantompanther
Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom - jack4will, galor5, cynegyth
Sean Bean and Karl Urban - jack4will, vampsass
Sean Bean and Dominic Monaghan - jack4will
Richard Sharpe and Theresa - kira_may, vampsass
Richard Sharpe and Patrick Harper - ranger_girl0301
Alec Trevelyan and James Bond - jack4will, slaygirl, hils
Ian Howe and Shaw - phantompanther
Sean Bean and David Wenham - drbillbongo
Boromir and Faramir - drbillbongo


Currently, there are no closed picture claims.


Sharpe and Antonia - bean4me
When Sharpe gets his Gold Eagle - sambora
Sharpe pays his last respects to Theresa - sambora
The Sharpe tongue picture from Sharpe's Honour - sambora
The Black and White Vogue Picture - sambora
Sharpe and Prince William - cynegyth
Sharpe and the flag - cynegyth
Behind the scenes Legolas hugging Boromir - cynegyth
Sharpe in green jackeet - cynegyth
Bean in leather pants - ladykatiewench
Ian Howe pic - ladykatiewench
Cheshire grin pic - ladykatiewench
Black and white sweater pic - hils
Sharpe being comforted by Lass in Sharpe's Sword - hils
Sharpe being comforted in Sharpe's Revenge - hils
Close up pic of Sean's face - amnoturmonkey
Laughing Sharpe - amnoturmonkey
Picture of 006 and 007 - jack4will
Sean Bean and Viggo Mortensen - galor5
Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom - galor5
Sean Bean head shot - galor5
Sean Bean holding Boromir action figure - hils
Hungry Eyes Pic - odeliciousseus
Boromir by Viggo Mortensen - hils
Mellors at the gate - odeliciousseus
Sean on the set of Sharpe - bean4me



The Chip Butty song - whitewizzy, sambora, drbillbongo


Hungry Like A Wolf - Duran Duran - kira_may
Feed the Fire - Bodeans - kira_may
You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate - sammy_stevenson
Macho Man by The Village People - sammy_stevenson
Everyone's In Love With You by Steve Earle - kira_may
The Gauntlet by The Dropkick Murphys - kira_may
I Want That Man by Debra Harry - odeliciousseus
Over the Hills and Far Away by Jon Tam - sambora
Hungry Eyes by Eric Carmen - odeliciousseus

Dialogue Claims

Sharpe: Gimme a pick-lock, Cooper.
Cooper: Pick-lock, sir? Catch me with a pick-lock!
Harper: They did, Coop. But when you got out of Newgate prison, you got another set, and that's the one the officer wants.
Cooper: Do I get it back, sir?
Sharpe: Trust me.
Cooper: It's very hard to trust a man who wants to borrow your pick-lock, sir.