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Hello....again. x_x;

This being able to claim pretty much as many things as you want thing feels a bit odd. It's really cool, but it makes me feel really greedy. XD; If I have the chance to claim lots of things, I tend to do it. o_o;


~ "For Gondor!" - Boromir, The Two Towers [Already listed]
~ "They're flogged soldiers, sir. And flogging teaches a soldier only one lesson. How to turn his back." - Sharpe [Already listed]
~ "Well done, boys!" - Ian, National Treasure

~ Ian walking backwards - National Treasure (It happens when they were trying to steal the DoI)
~ Ian and Shaw making out in the bell tower thing - National Treasure (I'm not sure what it was called, feel free to word it better. ^^;)
~ Ian with the little boy in the museum - National Treasure
~ Boromir sword fighting with Merry and Pippin - LotR: FotR

Ian: Idiot
Shaw: Who?
Ian: Me...
Shaw: What?
- National Treasure
(It goes on a little bit more, but 1) I'm not 100% sure what was said 2) I really only like the bit I listed)

(That's 8 new claims total. Plus the 9 I already have...bringing my total to 17. Ahem. ._.)

And here's a little picture for you guys! =D Odysseus...the vampire.

See? o__o;

If you wouldn't mind, when/if you add these to the claims list, could you please comment on this to inform me? Then I add at it to my claims post... Thanks! ^^;

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