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Claim Your Bit of Bean!

You Know You Want To!

11/3/06 11:52 am - colleenwhalen - I Claim Sean's Shag-a-delic Cleft in His Chin

Ohmygosh - all right ladies - this is the Bit o' Bean I want to claim all for my own....Sean's cleft in his chinny-chin-chin....I love that wicked sexy cleft in his chin because it is Shag-a-delic....what a Yummykitten Mansicle, Sean is the masculine equivalent of "Sex on a Stick" he is what I call
"a tall drink of water" - with those long, long legs that go on for a mile, especially in Richard Sharpe's uniform, those skin tight dark green rifleman's trousers which start with Sean's snake-hips and luxuriously stretch down to the ground - but those glinty-green eyes, and Sharpe's shaggy long hairstyle - Holy Mother of Pearl, Cowabunga! Yikes!.....oh, don't let me commence.......I'm signing off now because I'm just reduced to a little wet puddle.....oooh thud, I just hit the floor with a thud! I've been bonkers about the Bean since 1986 - for the last 20 years!

4/30/06 10:39 pm - nios_vob - Sharpe's Challenge


Can I please claim Sharpe saying "bullocks" please, and fighting with General Dodd as well.

4/30/06 09:20 pm - fuckthedamned

Hello! I was wondering if I could please claim Sean's nipples, Sean's shoulders, and Sean's earring from Extremely Dangerous?

2/5/06 03:16 pm - kira_may - mod shuffles sheepishly in...

erm...yes. so i have been very bad about updating the claims, but school has been a bit of a bitch this year, and time is a factor for me. however, next week is my spring break, so i promise to get them done then. remind me.

a big hello to all the new members, and thanks to everyone who has made claims. and apparently, thesorrowofleon has closed her journal, so her claims are all null and void now, if you care to jump in and snag her spot anywhere.

anyhoo, this damned book review isn't writing itself, so i guess i'd better stop whinging about it and just do it.

1/27/06 10:11 pm - anna_rosa - More Claims...

Okay, had abit of a think about these ones...
All physical things, hell, anything physical to with Bean is good,... ANYWAY, I would like to claim:
1) The yellow towel Bean wears in 'Bravo Two Zero'
This Towel BabyCollapse )
2)Bean's Thumbs Up, cos it's too cute for words
Silly BoyCollapse )
3)Finally, Bean's cigarette, in the spirit of my earlier claim for the vase of flowers in the hotel room in WGTA, it's not that I want the cigarette so much as I want to BE the cigarette...
If he only smoked after sex, with me he'd be a 'two packs a day' man...Collapse )

BTW, I just noticed you have me down as ana_rosa for my earlier claims, instead of anna_rosa. *feels bad 'bout pointing this out, slips you chocolate bar as compensation* Bribery? Me? Never!

11/25/05 03:31 pm - nios_vob

Please can I claim the character Brendan from Stormy Monday. I watched the film a few weeks back and Sean was just so lovely, with lots of pent up aggression :)

10/27/05 03:11 pm - phantompanther

Hello....again. x_x;

This being able to claim pretty much as many things as you want thing feels a bit odd. It's really cool, but it makes me feel really greedy. XD; If I have the chance to claim lots of things, I tend to do it. o_o;


~ "For Gondor!" - Boromir, The Two Towers [Already listed]
~ "They're flogged soldiers, sir. And flogging teaches a soldier only one lesson. How to turn his back." - Sharpe [Already listed]
~ "Well done, boys!" - Ian, National Treasure

~ Ian walking backwards - National Treasure (It happens when they were trying to steal the DoI)
~ Ian and Shaw making out in the bell tower thing - National Treasure (I'm not sure what it was called, feel free to word it better. ^^;)
~ Ian with the little boy in the museum - National Treasure
~ Boromir sword fighting with Merry and Pippin - LotR: FotR

Ian: Idiot
Shaw: Who?
Ian: Me...
Shaw: What?
- National Treasure
(It goes on a little bit more, but 1) I'm not 100% sure what was said 2) I really only like the bit I listed)

(That's 8 new claims total. Plus the 9 I already have...bringing my total to 17. Ahem. ._.)

And here's a little picture for you guys! =D Odysseus...the vampire.

Troy ScreencapCollapse )

If you wouldn't mind, when/if you add these to the claims list, could you please comment on this to inform me? Then I add at it to my claims post... Thanks! ^^;


10/25/05 11:53 am - annebloom188 - Another long claim

Also I'd like to claim the following too:-

1) Sean's character Captain Rich from Flightplan
2) Sean's pilot uniform in Flightplan
3) Sean's chuckle
4) Sean's scar obove his left eye

5) Sean's quote from TTT EE DVD
"Similar sort of facial qualities. I'm not talking about a big nose. I mean I know I've got a big nose."

6) Odysseus' quote
"If they ever tell my story, let them say I walked with giants.
Men rise and fall like the winter wheat.
But these names will never die.
Let them say I lived in the time of Hector, tamer of horses.
Let them say, I lived in the time of Achilles".

7) I just realised that no one has claimed this quote
"Your reputation for hospitality is fast becoming legend!"
(Odysseus: Troy)
kittycattness wants to share this with me btw.

If there are some I can't claim, just let me know.
I love this community. *chuckle*

10/24/05 12:44 pm - sassenach_lass

can i put these in the dialog part?
great! here we go!
i would like to claim these Sharpe quotes...

Munro: Ye'r in black trouble, laddie.
Sharpe: How bad is it?
Munro: Weel, I could use words like dire and dreadful, but I wouldna wish to cheer you up.

Sharpe in Gold: Always get a girl between you and enemy.

Sharpe: Steal is a strong word, sir. I found it in the middle of a french collom. Where I come from it's a case of finders-keepers.

Ayres: It's difficult to talk to you.
Sharpe: It's quite easy, just start like this. Major Sharpe, I beleive you are ignorant and illegitimate, and wounded all over, but I forgive ya. My dad is rich and fiddled me inta the Bow-Street Runners. Oh, sorry, Provost. So, I am a nice person.

Sharpe: Lances.
Harper: No. Rocket troupe.
Sharpe: Yeah, I know that. But they look like lances. You could even call them calvary in a pinch. Well, in a bad light.

Much thanks!

10/23/05 05:08 pm - nios_vob - One more please!

Can I claim

"Tastes Like Strawberries" Alec Trevalyan

MMMmmmmm, I bet he does.

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